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The Big Box store has a terrible reputation. Often associated with poor worker treatment, low wages, traffic issues, endless parking lots and the bad side of globalization it is easy to look down upon their suburban, and now urban, aspirations. Despite this negativity, perhaps there is a place for the Big Box store in an urban environment where it just fits.

St. James Town is a Corbusian Tower in the Park concept area in the east of Toronto's downtown. With a population density rivaling that of Manhattan, the low-income and predominantly immigrant residents live in what is touted as a World Within a Block. This world, however, is crumbling.

Charged with revitalizing this area of Toronto, this project looks towards the big box store as a tool, rather than a blight. Exploring the economics and architecture of Walmart as a case study lead to the creation of a big box district providing an economic vibrancy that this population needs.

This project does not argue for the ubiquity of the box store, nor does it strive to make a moral argument for or against the big box store. Rather, it re-imagines it as a tool for positive development.

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