As an institution, the ideals of universal health care in Canada are being tested. Long wait times, crumbling buildings, doctor shortages and shrinking budgets have plagued the system. This has caused a seeming devaluation of the role of healthcare in our society, even it it is something we all must deal with in our lifetime.

This hospital brings health care back to the forefront of our national and now cultural identity. It combines the general program of a typical courtyard-type hospital with a central core of cultural programs.

This hospital creates the cultural artifacts and events it displays, from the live Operating Theatre, to the Medical Imaging gallery; Diagnosis to Laboratory; Education to Medication.

This project was preceeded by the film The Operating Theatre which looks at the future of healthcare as the trend of homecare grows.

Cultural + Medical Mashup Matrix


Medical Program

Cultural Program


Medical Imaging

Operating Theatre


The Operating Theatre