Distillery Distilled

A survey was conducted in Toronto's Historic Distillery District exploring the various wines offered by area restaurants.

There are seven places within the Distillery District to order wine. While all offer a by the glass selection, the Young Centre does not offer bottles of wine for sale and is thus used as a zero datum.

Using a Voronoi algorithm, the boundary line diagram reveals the closest dispenser of wine within any area of the Distillery District. This diagram acted as a starting point in the creation of a sculptural map.

Data on price and selection of wine vintages was compiled and represented in the model. The surfaces represent the prices of wine while the columns display both the location of each restaurant as well as the number of vintages offered.

The findings as well as the 3D printed model were presented at the Placing Creativity Conference at The Martin Prosperity Institute in 2009.
This project was published in The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles by Nadia Amoroso, published by Routledge in 2010.

Toronto's Distillery District - Aerial

Voronoi Diagram

3D Model - Top View - Restaurant and Bar Locations

3D Model - Wine Pricing

3D Model - Front View - Number of Vintages Available

3D Object

3D Object [detail]

3D Object [detail]