gBL - Wall Centre False Creek

During my time in Vancouver, I was employed as Intern Architect at gBL. I worked on a variety of residential projects in and around the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The Wall Centre False Creek was one such project.

As part of a second phase to Vancouver’s Southeast False Creek Master Plan, The Wall Centre False Creek has become one of the most successful ventures in Vancouver. After only 18 weeks every unit was sold in all four towers.

The podium of Towers 1 & 2 were conceived as a generous new home to the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company. A tessellated glass box serves as beacon and atrium to the main theatre. The remaining area offers rehearsal space, workshop, offices and amenities.

Large windows activate the alleyway creating an outside space that does not feel like the back of the building. Garage doors open to the vast interiors to bring the inside out in the backstage dining areas and workshops. Further, the theatres are accented with black brick giving a hint of what is behind.

Under Construction

Under Construction

Under Construction

North Elevation

South Elevation

East Elevation / West Elevation