Homespun Yarn: Hampstead, 2015

Homespun Yarn: Hampstead consists of a mapping of my childhood neighbourhood in Montreal created using a woven network of yarn. Much of my childhood was spent in multiple homes with my tightly knit and large extended family. The piece explores the central presence and influence my parents; grand-parents; and extended family had on my nascent identity. The delicate street/string lattice serves as the only hint to orientation and place. As a child, these traces would be incomprehensible. Now, however, these spatial memories are tainted by the primacy of cartography in our everyday lives.

Since my leaving Montreal, two of the homes have been sold, as my grandparents have all passed away. The location of their homes are signified by a fraying in the weaving, recalling the traditional Jewish practice of tearing a garment during the mourning period. Other significant homes are indicated as they remain a part of the generational cycle of our broader family unit as my nieces, nephews and second-cousins create their own memories.

The smaller piece is the area around the cemetery where three of my grandparents are buried. It is a Jewish custom to leave a stone as a marker of one's visit to a grave: their eternal home.

Hard Twist 10 - The Gladstone Hotel - Toronto, Ontario - 2015

Sheep's Wool Yarn, Oak
48" x 84", 16" x 27" (separate)
80" x 84" (together)
1:2000 scale


Handmade Bow Tie