In of Sight/In of Mind

Once marked by bands of prehistoric rivers, modern Toronto has long since buried its namesake: there are no longer any trees staked up in the waters. While the water system was vital for the survival of York's first settlers, most creeks and ravines have been filled in, buried, and banished from public view.

The Garrison Creek is one such river. Affectionately known as "Toronto's most famous waterway never seen," the creek began its exile in the late 19th century to a brick laid sewer pipe running from above Willowvale Park (currently Christie Pits) down to its namesake, Fort York.

This investigation of the Garrison Creek evaluates the disconnect between the creek's excision in the name of the Cartesian street grid, and its current manifestations above ground through the Situationist Derivé.

Two installations are proposed to bring attention to the unseen river and bring it above ground. One reflects the veracity of city signage of the creek. The other bores at the creeks existence.


Installation 1

Installation 2



Creek & Movement Diagram

Movement Diagram [detail]