A Modest Proposal for Adaptive Reuse of The Vancouver Art Gallery

By all accounts, The Vancouver Art Gallery has outgrown is current home at the Provincial Court House. It does not have the space to showcase its vast collection of works or hold cultural functions expected for an institution of this type. Recently, The VAG announced a plan to move to a new site: a former bus depot only six blocks away. Opinions on the move vary as many see the current location as the cardinal centre of the city. Others question Vancouver's need for a Starchitect building.

Walmart is similarly faced with the need for expansion when re-branding their retail stores to Supercentre status. Many times, their solution is to shut down the current store and open a larger Supercentre a few kilometers, or sometimes even a few blocks away. This leaves towns with a large, empty building where once many gathered.

These images look at the VAG's desire to leave its current Heritage building, but also pose questions as to the future of Provincial Court House building and the public space around it. Further, they point to the financial barriers in place hindering potential visitors to the VAG.